Pathfinder – Goin’ Dragon Hunting

After years of me desperately trying to turn her into a gamer, my girlfriend has finally agreed to play Pathfinder with my group. Admittedly, it was actually her idea. She wanted to play D&D and – literally – fight a dragon in a dungeon. After explaining that Pathfinder is pretty much D&D anyway (albeit an older version), I started work on the one-off module.

The module wont be set in Pathfinder’s world, just a generic frozen realm in the far north. 500 years ago, the white dragon Hv√≠tur sat at the head of a large cult that terrorized the land. The cult was eventually destroyed by an army of desperate but determined soldiers at the battle of White Wind Pass. Hvitur was mortally wounded and retreated to his lair and former temple deep in the World Crown mountains. There he has slept, healing and gathering his strength.

Until now…

I will be using the following Pathfinder books:


Dragons Unleashed for inspiration and stats


Dragonslayers’ Handbook for stuff to give my players.

The game will be a bit of a dungeon crawl with a small inestigation taking place in a town beforehand. Mapwise, I already have:

ice_caves_small Ice_temple

These were created using SkeletonKey Games’ e-Adventure Tiles. Unfortunetly, as nice as the tiles are, .JPEG versions arent included so in order for me to create a digital map, I had to print and scan the one-page preview and crop the image in GIMP. This is actualy quite annoying as it makes planning for games more difficult than it needs to be. As a result, while the tiles themselves are very nice, I’m less-inclinded to buy more.



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